From Carebear to PvPer: a Pilot’s Story (pt. 2)

Hello again!

Back once again and I’m here to continue my story of growing spaceballs and going out to kill people. Last time we left the story where I got my first solo pvp kill. Yeah, the one where I killed a venture afk mining in lowsec, then lost some ships and got booted out of a carebear corp for messing up their killboard. Cool, eh? Continue reading

From Carebear to PvPer: a Pilot’s Story (pt. 1)


My name is Banshee Legend, I am a veteran delivery agent at WINGSPAN Delivery Services. I have also been friends with the owner of this blog, Mr. Shinzo (aka Shitzo) Shikimira for the bigger part of my EVE career. He was kind enough to give me Editorial permissions for his blog.

You might be asking why I am here in the first place. Well, it’s simple. I wanted to tell the story of my pvp career in EVE, and didn’t want to make a blog about it alone. Ready? I know I’m not… Let’s go!

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The holy spreadsheets of the March update!

As you may already know, CCP has deployed a big update this week. Many changes have arrived, including some module “tiericide” and balancing. But it also caused some players to panic as they logged in and saw how their ship fits are no longer working!

Today, we will try to breakdown some changes and stats with the power of spreadsheets.

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Markets gone wild: Turning a million to a billion in a day!


So, I am a station trader, yes, that is me, sitting in Jita 0.01’ing you (well, other stuff too, but, we will stick with the 0.01ing for now).

Trading is boring, right? All that 0.01’ing, constantly being outbid by someone, small profits unless you are super rich?

That’s what a lot of people think, and, like anything in Eve, it can be very routine, but, it also has moments that can get your heart going (not talking about when you accidentally list something at buy price on sell orders and have to wait out the timer), and this is about one of those times.

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Does size always matter? How to kill a Battleship in a frigate

It is a question players often have. It might appear to be obvious that a bigger ship is more powerful and it would easily kill a smaller ship.
But is it really like that? Can you kill a big battleship when you’re sitting in a frigate/destroyer?

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[X-Post from The Neocom] The Heat of the Moment: Shaking the Shakes

Has your mouse ever missed that little “Warp to” button because it appeared to be very difficult to press as your ship was singing out with hull breach alarms? Do you start feeling shaky and pumped up while shooting at that lonely miner sitting in lowsec? How can that be stopped? Let’s find out why it happens and how to calm yourself down in combat.

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