Earning isk from everywhere – Part 3. Creating content

Can’t think of any other ways to make isk? Is it even possible to make isk without logging in? How hard can it be? This part covers that.

To me, it is getting hard to call Eve Online just a game.. It takes the MMO Sandbox genre even further. We have the biggest wars in videogames history, our community makes awesome content on the internet and so on!

For me, doing something in game is becoming hard. I have to use my 10 years old laptop, I can’t really try any more ways of isk making because I lack skillpoints, I get bored while ratting and I lack motivation each time I see how empty my wallet is. I’m pretty certain there are more players who feel the same. But you don’t want to endlessly spin ships in stations while waiting for that awesome, chilling “Skill training complete!” sound. Here’s what I did.

February 11th. That night, At 2am, I was sitting in my room as usual, spinning my ship, trying to get any ideas when suddenly a very crazy thought came into my mind:

“I should create a blog..”

So I did my research, started this blog, tried writing an article or two, didn’t really expect it to become so popular.
About one week later, after I had published 3 articles, I shared my blog on reddit.com/r/eve. I was hoping for people who would notice me. And some of them did.


This was a message from one guy who was looking for new contributors for The Neocom, a very popular Eve blog. I got invited to try and write an article or two… for isk.

That’s where I started to see how much isk I could get from writing.
The Neocom would give me 200mil isk for an article. So I did it the same day I got in there.
Here’s a link to the article. It got popular so fast, even CCP decided to share it on their official Eve Online page on facebook and twitter!


Later, another well known blog called EveNews24 has asked my permission to share my articles on that blog… for isk.
Now you might want to ask me “But Shin, I can’t write! What do?”

That’s basically my point here. Eve community is vast. If you’ve ever been in r/eve, you might know just how much content players are producing. Some try recording, making videos, singing, painting, writing, teaching, designing, playing music.. The list goes on. Things like these usually get posted at r/eve.

When you start trying to make content, you may also start noticing how other players can benefit from it. Some will want propaganda for their own corporations or alliances, others might seek to get more popularity. If it’s possible, you can even ask other sites (like MonsterISK) if they can sponsor you. They will pay you isk, you will make an advert. Both sides will benefit. Don’t be afraid to contact, talk and ask questions about sponsoring, sharing your work. The worst that can happen to you is that they will say no.

Do you still think you can’t do any content like that? Are you not sure if you even have at least one talent?
So did I. Before I tried. I believe everyone has a talent or two.


Lastly, as an another example, I want to announce my new service!

I’m making posters for your corporations, alliances. Just simply give me some info about your corp/alliance, what ships you want to see, the purpose of the poster, coloring and style. For now, i’m asking for 150-400mil isk for a work. The cost depends on its difficulty and time I need to spend on it.
If interested, contact me on Twitter or in-game. 🙂

For your interest, after I shared them on r/eve, I already have 4 orders as I write!

Here, take a look at some examples:



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