Trust nobody, not even yourself

A teaching story about one guy I killed.

Monday morning, I hate those. This one was quite different though. I was feeling sick after my 18th birthday so I decided to stay at home, skip some boring classes and play eve instead. Sounds good to me!

I’ve been trying out my new combat recon class ship – Rook. It is very awesome! Fitted with rapid light missiles, full pack of light drones, a shield tank which can withstand at least 650hp/s damage, it works super against many small – medium sized ships. Probably the biggest advantage is that combat recons are invisible to Directional scan! It truly is like John Cena (Extremely loud, watch at your own risk).

My Rook with 2 killmarks

I find Factional Warfare Lowsec systems to be a very good place for hunting with a ship like that! I just need to sit inside an empty FW site and wait. People won’t see my ship on D-scan so they might think it’s empty.

But when they warp in and see me sitting there…


Ok, enough about my precious ship. Here’s what happened.

This strongly applies to Eve Online


And so it was 11 am in the morning. 3 hours before downtime. At that moment of the day, Eve is usually quiet. Most players are either working or sleeping. When I logged in, the system I was in, Melmaniel, was empty, so I left my ship at a station, put eve in the background and started doing something else.

One hour later, I check Eve. 4 people in local, one of them is me. 3 potential targets!
I undock, immediately check D-scan. There’s a Jackdaw somewhere! I quickly started checking places, pointing camera, setting D-scan range, angle to find him.

He was… In an asteroid belt?! Quick double check.. Yes, he’s there, in a Jackdaw.

Now, let me quickly explain why ganking a Jackdaw is difficult. It’s a T3 tactical destroyer. It has 3 modes: Defense, Sharpshooter and Propulsion. When in defense, it gets a bonus for shield resists, in Sharpshooter – missile range bonus.. in propulsion, it gets a big bonus to Agility (and a smaller one for speed). That means, if he switches to Propulsion mode, he can warp away in two seconds – that’s way too fast for me to catch him.

Jackdaw – Caldari tactical destroyer

But I still warped to him. Hey, even if I can’t catch him in propulsion mode, maybe he’s going to make a mistake, maybe i’m lucky today?
Sadly, I wasn’t very lucky. I landed 27km away from him. Some wrecks were floating at the distance, he was killing pirate NPCs. I started flying towards him but he warped off to a station.
Or at least that’s what I thought!

Moments later, to my big surprise, this guy invited me to join his fleet.

My inner pirate started dancing out of joy, I started laughing out loud like Dr Evil

When my cat started starring at me in the same way as one would stare at a fool, I calmed down and started a friendly chat with him. He appeared to be a nice guy!
Here’s a copy from my chat logs:

[ 2016.04.11 08:57:01 ] JR Dismang > o/?
[ 2016.04.11 08:57:14 ] JR Dismang > salute?
[ 2016.04.11 08:57:17 ] Shinzo Shikimira Shinzo > Do you need help with ratting?
[ 2016.04.11 08:58:03 ] JR Dismang > i’m about to mine on my other char you didnt seem like a ganker
[ 2016.04.11 08:58:53 ] JR Dismang > which anomoly you going to?
[ 2016.04.11 08:59:02 ] JR Dismang > im up for ratting
[ 2016.04.11 08:59:49 ] Shinzo Shikimira Shinzo > Any rats in that large gneiss site?
[ 2016.04.11 09:00:11 ] JR Dismang > just got here and visited the mineral field to kill them
[ 2016.04.11 09:00:16 ] JR Dismang > not sure whats left tho
[ 2016.04.11 09:00:34 ] Shinzo Shikimira Shinzo > I see
[ 2016.04.11 09:00:41 ] Shinzo Shikimira Shinzo > i’ll check

I warp to a Large gneiss asteroid site

Also, it’s quite funny how he didn’t see me like a ganker even though I was jumping on him in a combat recon ship.

[ 2016.04.11 09:01:14 ] Shinzo Shikimira Shinzo > no rats here
[ 2016.04.11 09:01:23 ] JR Dismang > how is the rook?
[ 2016.04.11 09:01:27 ] Shinzo Shikimira Shinzo > Nice!
[ 2016.04.11 09:01:41 ] Shinzo Shikimira Shinzo > It’s a gift, my birthday was 2 days ago
[ 2016.04.11 09:01:54 ] JR Dismang > belated happy b-day
[ 2016.04.11 09:02:09 ] Shinzo Shikimira Shinzo > thanks:D

I warp to a random asteroid belt

[ 2016.04.11 09:02:49 ] Shinzo Shikimira Shinzo > rats! They’re here!

He warps to me and lands 0km away from me

[ 2016.04.11 09:02:53 ] JR Dismang > k
[ 2016.04.11 09:04:53 ] JR Dismang > cant wait to get higher tiered ships
[ 2016.04.11 09:05:02 ] JR Dismang > just dont want to go outside skill range
[ 2016.04.11 09:05:16 ] Shinzo Shikimira Shinzo > what are you training for now?

There, we both started approaching the rats. As he started killing them, I noticed how he started switching between his ship modes into a Sharpshooter mode, this was my moment. My heart started pounding fast, he’s targeted, locked, scrammed!
I must have scared him. His Jackdaw started melting and it was dead only a few seconds later.


As I said previously, this guy was very nice. I sent him a message, some isk, tried explaining what he did wrong. He didn’t start spamming or sending death wishes to me, no! He accepted it as a lesson which, for him, did cost 70mil isk. (Lets say i’m saving you that amount). It could’ve ended way worse!

The moral of the story: NEVER trust anyone in Eve. No exceptions. Even if you know that person in real life or whatever. o7

2 thoughts on “Trust nobody, not even yourself

  1. Orion May 18, 2016 / 3:31 PM

    You sneaky backstabber.
    I have been ganking newbies too recently, usually in my Pilgrim.
    After neuting them to zero, pointing them and bringing them to hull I stop attacking and convo them with a link to a discord chat channel.

    Then I tell them to sing a song if they want to leave alive.
    Two so far have have sung (one God save the Queen rofl). So I released them from my grip.
    The others? Not so much.

    Liked by 1 person

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